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Fiji has amended the Charitable Trusts Act to include "conservation" and rural electrification projects as a charitable purpose

Mar 22, 2018 12:57:19 PM / by Emily Samuela and James Sloan

Under Fiji law, the Charitable Trusts Act, 1945 (Charitable Trusts Act) provides the legal process to incorporate (establish) a charitable trust. The incorporation of a charitable trust creates a legal "person" that may amongst other things: employ people, hold a bank account, secure office premises, enter contracts and sue and be sued.

To comply with section 2 of the Charitable Trusts Act, the proposed charitable trust must comply with one of the limited number of "charitable purpose[s]" set out in the Charitable Trusts Act. On Wednesday, 7 March 2018 by Legal Notice No. 14, the relevant Minister in exercise of his powers under the Charitable Trusts Act expanded the categories of "charitable purpose" to include:

· the conservation of the environment; and

· the provision of electricity to rural communities and households in Fiji that do not have such access.


Charitable trust update


For more information on how to incorporate a charitable trust under Fiji law and the potential benefits of doing so, please see our earlier bulletin here

At the date of writing, “charitable purpose” now includes the following:

  • the supply of the physical wants of sick, aged, destitute, poor, or helpless persons, or of the expenses of funerals of poor persons
  • the education (physical, mental, technical, or social) of the children of the poor
  • the reformation of criminals, prostitutes, or drunkards
  • the employment and care of discharged criminals
  • the provision of general or denominational religious instruction for the people
  • the support of libraries, reading-rooms, lectures, and classes for the instruction of the people
  • the promotion of athletic sports, wholesome recreations and amusements of the people
  • encouragement of skill, industry, and frugality
  • rewards for acts of courage and self-sacrifice
  • the prevention of cruelty to animals and the education and instruction of the people for the furtherance of that end
  • the furtherance of thrift and the improvement of standards of living by education and advice in matters of self-help
  • marriage guidance and counselling, the promotion of education and research in marriage guidance and the publication and the dissemination of the results of such promotion
  • the relief of distress caused by any disaster affecting the whole or any part of the community
  • the erection, laying-out, maintenance, or repair of buildings and places for the furtherance of any of the purposes mentioned
  • the provision of electricity to rural communities and households in Fiji that do not have such access
  • the conservation of the environment
  • any such purpose as may be declared by the Minister to be a charitable purpose.



This legal bulletin is not, and should not be relied on as, legal advice. It is provided for information purposes only.


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