Library Services

In Fiji and the South Pacific, it is not always easy to obtain updated legislation. This is a fact of legal practice. Sarote has been our full-time librarian and our first employee - from 1 June 2005.

Sarote has been a professional librarian for over 30 years and is capable of responding to client requests for library information and we frequently update our clients with the latest legislation with amendments. Time and again Sarote’s services have proved invaluable to our practice.

The library services offered includes:

  • Updating all the legislation in Fiji and keeps electronic copies with the updates marked
  • Creating a database of Fiji Government Gazette advertisements, which include the following details
    • trade mark and patent advertisements
    • amendments to the Laws of Fiji
    • companies that are being wound up
    • new foreshore leases
  • Creating a case citation database for High Court of Fiji and Court of Appeal 

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