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Recent changes to Fiji immigration law enables non-Fiji citizens who are registered in the VKB or who are descendants of Fiji citizens in 1970 to apply for an exemption to reside and work in Fiji

Oct 20, 2023 / by Aminiasi Vulaono posted in Fiji immigration law, immigration law

The Immigration (Amendment) Act 2023 and the Immigration (Exemption by Descent) Order 2023 came into effect on 10 October 2023. These legal amendments extend the category of persons who are entitled to enter, reside and work in Fiji without a permit.

The Immigration (Amendment) Act 2023 applies to any person who is registered in the Vola ni Kawa Bula (VKB) - an official record of indigenous or iTaukei Fijians born in Fiji and maintained by the iTaukei Lands and Fisheries Commission that record entitlement by birthright to land and associated resource rights.

The Immigration (Exemption by Descent) Order 2023 applies to any person who is not a citizen of Fiji but is a child, grandchild or great grandchild of any person that was a citizen of Fiji on 10 October 1970 - defined as a (“principle citizen”).

In this legal bulletin we provide a brief explanation of these legislative changes and include important points to note about their application and effect.

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